Let me begin by saying I was inspired to write again by my cousin’s blog, Steph Sonsing (that’s the blog name, yes. Also her name. Haha.) In it, she recounts her travel experiences, among her other experiences, and while admittedly I have less of those, I want to share them because some of them were awesome. 😀

I’m Irene. I moved to Japan last year to study the Japanese language at a junior college. I’m definitely aiming to find a job here after I graduate and (hopefully) master (at least somewhat!) the language. I eat little but often, would rather wash dishes than cook, sleep a lot and snore loudly. I love watching Japanese (and occasional Korean) dramas, random Japanese variety shows and animated Japanese movies.

I went to Japan last November 2012 with my best friend, R, and it was literally a dream come true even though we were there for only roughly nine days. I plan to recount a lot of our (mis)adventures there, and hopefully be able to give some helpful tips to others who would want to visit Japan in the future.

Most of the photographs I post in this blog were taken by me. My camera is my handy-dandy Samsung Galaxy S2 phone. 😀 Apologies for the quality if it’s grainy sometimes.

Please feel free to contact me by commenting here or in any of my posts if there are any questions!


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