Square Enix: Character Goods Shop Showcase

I first heard about Square Enix during high school in 1999; they were still Squaresoft back then. I remember staring at the gorgeous advertisement for Final Fantasy VIII in one of the video game magazines R loved bringing to class – and falling in love with Squall Leonhart, hahaha. (I even remember the release date for FF8: 9/9/99.) I was FF8-baited into Square Enix: it was the first Final Fantasy I played (and finished) and subsequently became my favorite. The other FFs I got to play and finish were only FF7 and FF9 for the PlayStation console, and Dissidia and Dissidia Duodecim for the PSP. But even if I’m not a hardcore Final Fantasy gamer, R was (haha) and we definitely didn’t want to pass up a chance to visit The Square Enix in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

The entrance to the Character Goods Shop Showcase, not the actual Square Enix headquarters, wherever it is, haha

The Character Goods Shop Showcase was basically… yes, a showcase. It also doubled as a shop of various Square Enix Merchandise.

The only thing that prevented me from buying one of these was knowing I had no space in my luggage to bring it home


A figurine of Zidane Tribal from FF9. Also my least favorite FF hero. Sorry, buddy.
$38? For Garnet/Dagger? Nah. Also my least favorite FF heroine. I see her a bit as Rinoa 2.0.

But our real reason for going to this showcase was to see this (/plays Shinra theme song):

Life-sized Sephiroth… on the floor. Yes, we had the opportunity to walk all over him. Take that, villain! (Randomly, I will never not lose my sh*t whenever I recall Sephiroth saying “Mother…” and ripping off Jenova’s metal head to carry it out.)
Funnily enough, a group of older women, maybe around 40s-50s, were walking around with me and R. They all took pictures with Sephiroth. R was quite amazed. He asked me if older Japanese women played video games, too. I told him it’s Japan… anything goes. Haha
Close up of the materia surrounding Sephiroth’s body. I will always remember Yuffie when it comes to materia.
Now all of these I wanted to buy – original soundtracks! – but I didn’t. Sobs.
Before we left, I gave this Cloud pillow a big hug, because I always thought Cloud in FF7 needed a good hug. No one ever seemed to hug him, haha.

Unfortunately, the Character Goods Shop Showcase ended last November 25, 2012. As it turned out, R and I were just in time to have seen it! But, fortunately – or actually, even better – a cafe called ARTNIA (also by Square Enix) took its place. Click here for a detailed map and access to ARTNIA. R was able to visit it last year. The only downside was creepy Sephiroth on the floor was no longer there.

Visit my Japan page for more of my misadventures (and information, of course)!


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