Harajuku at night: Takeshita-dori

After indulging in my fangirl whims, R and I (together with my friend, L) hopped on the train to Harajuku. L said he hadn’t really been to Harajuku before, so we figured it was a good place to go to as any.

After getting off the train, we didn’t really know where to go, but this street full of people drew our attention, so we went along with everyone and walked inside.22_harajuku_0122_harajuku_02 22_harajuku_0322_harajuku_04 22_harajuku_05

L said he heard there was a popular crepe store here, but he couldn’t remember the name. We lined up for Marion Crepes because the line for it was longer, haha.
I wasn’t able to take a proper picture of my crepe when it was done, but I remember ordering something like number 52.


A department store of Tamagotchi.
Purin (pudding) in the shape of boobs! Only in Japan? Haha.
This was actually past the street of Takeshita-dori already, in a street whose actual name is Harajuku. But we turned back because L had to go home and R and I were tired and hungry.
After parting ways with L, R and I explored a bit of this street perpendicular to Takeshita-dori called Meiji-dori. Beside this 5-storey Forever 21 store was a 5-storey H&M store.
Stairs that led to a very hippie shop, back on Takeshita-dori.
For dinner, we decided on a small tonkatsu shop inside Takeshita-dori, where we ordered katsudon. The miso soup was included in our meal. It was very good katsudon. *__*

Going to Takeshita-dori
– by train: get off at Harajuku Station on the JR Yamanote line
– head south from the station. Takeshita-dori is only 3-5 minutes away.

Takeshita-dori website (Japanese only)

Visit my Japan page for more of my misadventures (and information, of course)!


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