First glimpses of Tokyo

After having quite a whirlwind arrival in Tokyo the previous night (although it was the same day, really, considering the lateness of the hour), R and I crashed on our futons much later, spending several hours updating various social media platforms (haha) and touching base with our families because we didn’t have any contact with them when we were in Kyoto. It wasn’t until late afternoon when we finally emerged from our cave/hotel room for food. We were also going to meet L, who had agreed to come with us during our first venture into Tokyo.

Walking to the nearest train station. Clear skies ❤


We were so hungry after all that walking that we decided to eat at the first ‘restaurant’ we saw – which happened to be McDonald’s.
Just taking a picture of the paper placemat because, Pokemon, that is all
I can’t read the Japanese entirely, but I guess the picture pretty much speaks for itself, haha.

We met with L at the JR Suidobashi station, which was the nearest station to Tokyo Dome. Going there was entirely my own agenda; an idol group I listen to, Kanjani8, had a concert there that day. I didn’t make any plans to watch the concert, but I did want to buy concert goods.

Stepping out of Suidobashi station. I forgot which exit this was, though. Most Tokyo (or maybe the rest of Japan) train stations have ‘east’ or ‘west’ or ‘central’ exits, which honestly confuse me a lot, haha.
A couple of fans doing cosplay of Kanjani8’s characters.
R decided to people-watch while L and I got in line for the concert goods. It was a very long and snaking line, and he worried that it might take us hours before I can actually buy anything – but the stalls were so organized that we were only in line for around 20 minutes before reaching them.
There was an amusement park of sorts beside Tokyo Dome, but it seemed to be closed that day.
Almost sunset. Off to our next stop, Harajuku!

Going to Tokyo Dome
– by train: JR Chuo Line or Mita Line (subway), get off at Suidobashi Station
– by other subway lines: Marunouchi or Nanboku Lines, get off at Korakuen Station

Tokyo Dome website

Visit my Japan page for more of my misadventures (and information, of course)!


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