Last glimpses of Kyoto

Our last day in Kyoto was our busiest one. Randomly, one of the things I’ve always wondered/regretted about relying on my mobile phone’s camera was not having taken as much photos as I want. I suppose these shots were me trying to capture as much of the Kyoto I can see as possible before we will be leaving it. The more the day drew to a close, the more R and I kept saying that we wished we could stay longer. 😦

18_kyotoetc_0118_kyotoetc_02My brother when he saw this photo: Why is there a baby in front of the bus?
me: It’s a kindergarten bus, duh.
him: No, I mean there is a baby AT THE FRONT. OF THE BUS.
I only noticed when he pointed it out! Haha.

18_kyotoetc_03 18_kyotoetc_04Toast with honey for a snack after our trip to Ryoan-ji.

18_kyotoetc_05 18_kyotoetc_06 18_kyotoetc_07 As someone used to left-hand vehicles and roads, the right-hand side one confuses the heck out of me.18_kyotoetc_08 18_kyotoetc_09 This was us getting lost on our way back to our ryokan. Now that I think about it, I may have been delaying our departure from Kyoto then. Which made us miss our chance to book for a sleeper train… but that’s for another post. Stay tuned 🙂

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