Full breakfast: Tea House Lipton

Since we barely had any time to eat a proper breakfast the day before, R wanted (demanded, actually) us to have a full breakfast for this day, having a full day of sightseeing ahead of us.

The first item in our itinerary was the Fushimi Inari Taisha*. We planned to go there via JR line, so we decided to have breakfast in one of the cafes or restaurants in Kyoto Station. There’s a mall inside (or underground, really) Kyoto Station called Porta*, where we came upon the Tea House Lipton. A sign outside advertising about a breakfast set was the only thing we needed to convince us to go in. (Also because we were hungry by that time!)

Like before, R and I ordered what we saw in the advertisement outside the cafe. It made deciding so much easier, for one, haha.

09_lipton_01The breakfast set we ordered, which costs 880 yen, included drinks: coffee, tea, or orange juice. R ordered coffee with his set.

09_lipton_02I chose orange juice with my set. Included in the photo was our handy-dandy Kyoto city bus map. Really, SUPER useful. It’s available in the tourist information center of Kyoto Station. Our ryokan had copies of the map as well, so ask your hotel/inn/ryokan if they have it.

09_lipton_03And here’s the breakfast set: fresh salad, a slice of orange and tomato, hash browns, ham, eggs, and toast. Itadakimasu!

09_lipton_04This kind of toast was something I saw only in commercials, dramas and anime before. I thought it looked too thick – and it was! Haha. But I loved its crunchy-fluffy thickness. Is there a reason why toasts in Japan are this thick?

To get to the Tea House Lipton*, ride the 4, 5, 9, 17, 26, 28, 50, 100, 101, 205, 206 or 208 Kyoto City buses to Kyoto Station – or, of course, ride the JR line or subway lines to Kyoto Station. The cafe is located in Porta mall inside the station.

Budget: 600-1000 yen

Visit my Japan page for more of my misadventures (and information, of course)!

*websites available in Japanese language only


4 thoughts on “Full breakfast: Tea House Lipton

  1. Looks good, will have to try and eat there the next time I’m in Kyoto. There’s also a conveyor belt sushi place that I like in Kyoto Station called Musashi. I love how all the major JR stations have such good eats in and around them.

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