Kiyomizu-zaka: the way to Kiyomizu-dera

When I was planning our itinerary (or, well, trying to), R had already insisted that one of the places we should go to without fail in Kyoto be Kiyomizu-dera. Since we arrived at Kyoto far later then we planned (mostly because we woke up late), it was the first place we did go to—though to be frank, I didn’t expect we’d have to do a fair amount of walking before we got there.

Kiyomizu-zaka is the street that leads to Kiyomizu-dera. If you look it up on Google Maps, you’ll find that the actual name of the street is Matsubara-dori. The entire street is about a 650-meter walk from the Kiyomizu-michi bus stop. It might not seem too much, but it was to someone who basically does not do any sort of exercise, like me!

However, the walk was made easy by the good weather (about 17-20 degrees Celsius, clear skies and no rain) and the fact that there were a lot of sights and shops to see on the way.


I knew from my Japanese classes that ‘jizou’ are usually seen on the streets, presumably to guide travelers…
05_taiyo02..but I didn’t know they were sold, too!

Was almost tempted to ride one of these, haha.

I was basically like, ‘OMG! Japanese houses!’ But actually I think this one is a restaurant.

05_taiyo0505_taiyo06This was was taken at exactly 4:37PM. The sun was already setting at that time.

It gets more crowded the nearer you get to the temple.
05_taiyo09Ninja shots of shops, because most of them had signs that specifically tell people to not take pictures.05_taiyo10When I saw this, I thought “oh, a huge Hello Kitty! Cute!”05_taiyo11…then I saw this.

And aside from trinkets and whatnot, they also sell food! Nommm. Now if only I can remember what the heck these were. They were sort of like potatoes and squid (or fish?) balls rolled into one, with butter. I tried Googling words like “Japanese snack potato on a stick” to no avail, haha.

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