Hotel Review: Business Hotel Taiyo (Osaka, Japan)

Business Hotel Taiyo (ビジネスホテル大洋) in Nishinari-ku was the first hotel we booked for our overnight stay in Osaka before traveling to Kyoto the next day. Since R and I basically booked our hotels based solely on the price, the only reason we chose Hotel Taiyo in was because it was cheap, haha.


The room we booked was a Japanese-style economy twin room. It didn’t have a bathroom inside, but that was okay because there are public toilets on every floor. The only downside is you have to go to the ground floor for your bath/shower.

TV (local channels only, but really who needs other channels, I can just watch Japanese commercials all day, seriously), aircon/heater, yukata (Japanese bathrobe), bath towel, face towel, toothbrush and toothpaste. Also included are slippers.


Here’s R wearing his yukata, haha.

The whole hotel, including our room, was clean enough, though the toilets sometimes didn’t smell so nice. I think it’s mostly because of the people using them, though. The hotel has a sort of overall slightly shabby feel to it, but it’s not bad. It’s rather cozy. 🙂

As I’ve said, there are public toilets on every floor. There’s a sign that says which floors have Western toilets, because otherwise, yes, their toilets are traditional. The hotel has 9 floors (from what I remember) and one elevator.

The ground floor is where all the action is: vending machines (that dispense beer!), thermos always filled with hot water and a microwave oven next to it, Japanese-style public bath (open only at certain hours and separately for men and women), shower rooms (open 24 hours), and coin-operated laundry machines. Hair dryers are available in the shower room area.

Wi-Fi is available on each floor, though it’s rather spotty at times. There are also 2 computer terminals available by the lobby for guest use.

Another thing to note: If it’s raining, don’t bother buying your own umbrella. Hotel Taiyo has a LOT of them in the lobby for guests to borrow and use (and even lose, as R and I left one behind somewhere; we offered to pay for it but they didn’t let us).

The hotel doesn’t have room service, though of course I didn’t expect it would, haha. However, I found the staff friendly and helpful when I encounter them. There’s always a sign at the reception desk stating the name of the person behind it and the languages s/he can speak. R and I mostly talked to this Japanese guy named Steve who had a REALLY good American accent.

There was one incident when R and I returned to our room one night (we also booked Hotel Taiyo for the remainder of our trip in Osaka, after coming from Kyoto and Tokyo) and found one of the lights in our room blinking erratically. So I went down, found two other people behind the reception that wasn’t Steve, and decided to practice my mad Japanese skillz.

me: Anou, sumimasen. (Um, excuse me.)
receptionist: Hai! (Yes!)
me: Anou… heya ni… denki… etto… *nganga* (Uh… in our room… the light…)
me: Burinku shimasu! (Blinking!)
receptionist: Ah, burinku, hai!
me: Anou… futatsu ne? … chiisai desu! (They’re two, right? The small one)

I think my instructors in Nihongo would cry if they heard me then, haha. But anyway, after I managed to convey that the small light in our room is indeed burinku-ing, the other person behind the desk went to get a replacement right away before going with me back to the room, where he replaced the light. Problem solved instantly. As I said, they’re very helpful. 🙂

Hotel Taiyo wins all the awards for this one (and all the hotels next to it, haha). It’s 2-3 minutes away from the nearest subway station (Doubutsuen Station, Midosuji line), 5-10 minutes from the JR/Nankai Shin-imamiya station and 15-20 minutes from the JR Tennouji station. There’s a Family Mart and 2 other convenience stores nearby. I also noticed there are restaurants and cafes around it. R and I only walked to Nipponbashi which was a good 20-30 minutes away. There’s also a 2-storey Uniqlo store a few minutes away from the Shin-imamiya station 8D!


Dates of stay: November 6-7 and 13-15, 2012
Cost: roughly around 3600 yen per night

Visit my Japan page for more of my misadventures (and information, of course)!


5 thoughts on “Hotel Review: Business Hotel Taiyo (Osaka, Japan)

    • Hi, so sorry for the late reply! We were also told that the area is one of Osaka’s “bad” ones, though we didn’t really experience anything save for a drunk man kicking down bicycles while we were on a midnight run to a nearby convenience store, haha. We didn’t have any problems during the day, either! Hope this helps!

      • Maybe it’s just ghetto ny Japanese standards. 😉 Good to know it’s generally safe. Thanks for the reply! 🙂

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