(Something different!) Me, my family, and “Be Careful With My Heart”

I’m not a fan of ABS-CBN’s highly popular (and quite long-running) daytime drama, Be Careful With My Heart. My mother likes to joke that it’s because I’m a Kapuso; I’ve worked for the past four years for the rival network—though before I did, I actually worked one year as a Kapamilya, haha. But that isn’t the case. I barely even knew what the “Be Careful” I’d see on my Facebook newsfeed that people were talking about, or who “Maya” and “Sir Chief” were, only that I’d see status updates like “Be careful na!!!” and “Kakakilig si Sir Chief!” And when they came home for Christmas last year, my parents, who are living in UAE, would sap up all the internet speed in our house as they stream the day’s episode of “Be Careful,” watching before they go to bed.

ImageMy mother actually pointed out that the plot was similar to The Sound of Music

I became more familiar with the show when I recently moved to UAE myself. My parents, now including my brother, have developed this habit of watching “Be Careful” during breakfast, if not breakfast, then lunch, and if not lunch, then dinner, sometimes during breakfast AND lunch or lunch AND dinner. I actually feel a perplexed kind of pride at the way my mother would expertly navigate her way through Google Chrome to load several websites that upload Filipino shows online, despite her constant forgetfulness on how to properly put attachments in emails. Now, to my chagrin, I get to watch “Be Careful” usually twice a day, twice annoyed with Nikki’s “oh-em-gee’s” and “gee-arr-arr-arr’s” and the way Maya manages to insert “Sir Chief” in every sentence that comes out of her mouth.

Image“Oh-em-gee you’re so gee-arr-arr-arr talaguh!”

But somehow, I can appreciate how Be Careful With My Heart brings my family together in a weird way. When I once jokingly remarked,  “Haba ng hair ni Maya a, hatid-sundo sa airport!” (to which my mother instantly replied, “Inggit ka lang! Kaya dapat yung mapang-asawa mo katulad ni Sir Chief!” “Oo,” I said, “Yung may kotse at mayaman!“) my mother narrated how my father used to do that too, fetch her to and from home during their college days and later when she began working. Seeing the awkward kilig moments between Maya and Sir Chief brings back my own parents’ tweetum days.

ImageCrush ka ng nanay ko, kamukha ka kasi ng tatay ko

I can also see why the show is so popular. I think it’s nice that they’ve kept the entire plot wholesome and very family-oriented (albeit so obviously drawn out on some episodes when barely anything happened to move the plot forward). I also think it’s a nice reminder to guys that even super-pogi and super-yaman guys like Sir Chief are capable of properly courting and waiting for the women they like. Most especially, it’s a great reminder to everyone that things will eventually, and without fail, work out for those who are good and kind like Maya. As long as you kapit-bisig, right?

Kudos to the production staff and cast of “Be Careful.” Despite not being in no way addicted to the show, it’s refreshing to watch a drama that doesn’t involve heavy crying, face-slapping, baby-swapping and the like. I just hope the ending, if it ever comes, won’t involve someone going deranged, kidnapping the main character and tying her up in a rusty bodega and that person ending up in the Bureau of Corrections while the main characters get married.

** images above were only Google’d and not mine!


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