More on Japan visa: What does it mean when the agency says your passport is ready for pick up

I was looking at my blog stats (we all like to do that, don’t deny it :D!) and noticed that one of the search engine terms that led some viewers to my blog was “What does it mean when the agency says your passport/visa is ready for pick up?”

If you’re wondering whether it means your visa actually got approved (or not), the answer to that is… I don’t know. Haha. Apparently, they’re not really allowed to divulge that information over the phone.

Although I will say that when Reli Tours called to tell me just that, I asked anyway (in a whisper) if my passport had been stamped or not. The person on the other end of the line replied (also in a whisper) that I got the visa.

Basically, when in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

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6 thoughts on “More on Japan visa: What does it mean when the agency says your passport is ready for pick up

  1. Nagkaproblem kami dyan sa contact number kay Reli tours. Tumawag sila sa bahay namin one week after nagsubmit kami sa kanila ng forms (August 17 kami nagsubmit, August 24 sya tumawag). APPARENTLY ako yung nakasagot kaya lang si Ms Jennifer eh hinanap ang nanay ko at hindi sinabi kung tungkol saan yung tawag nya (at hindi nya rin ako hinanap -_-). So si ako hindi nagtanong, kinalimutan ang tawag. So several weeks later, nagpapanic na nanay ko cos she needed her passport soon and hindi pa kami kinocontact ni Reli. So I called them and the passports have been ready since August 23! So if you’re itching to know if your passports are ready (and kung approved ang visa mo), kahit mga 3 (business days) after your submission pwedeng tumawag ka na.

    –>Yung nag-aral ng Japanese sa Japan pero hindi marunong kumuha ng Tourist visa. Seriously.xDDD

  2. hi po, I would just like to ask if di po ba mahigpit sa immigration sa naia?may hinihingi pa ba na documents?natatakot po kasi kami maoffload after reading stories from others..any tips?thanks 😀

    • Hi maj, wala naman ako ever nabalitaan na may naoffload… all of the people I know who’ve gone to Japan were able to arrive without any incidents. Ang documents lang na bitbit ko ay siyempre, passport, ticket, and valid IDs.

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