How I got my Japanese Visa

Having decided early last year with my best friend R that we’d be traveling to Japan on November the same year (“If we can’t have cherry blossoms, I want pretty red leaves,” he’d said), I applied for my Japanese visa on mid-September. Maybe funnily enough, we also decided that I’d apply first just to somewhat test if this seemingly unattainable magical piece of document will actually be granted to a mere penniless undeserving human being such as I. Then, depending if my application was approved or not, he’d apply next. At least, to us back then, that’s how hard getting a Japanese visa seemed to be.

Application for Japanese tourist visas are done via accredited agencies. Read more on that here on the website of the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines. From list of accredited agencies provided, I chose Reli Tours and Travel Agency, mostly because they have a branch near where I live. (Lazy, haha.)

From the website of Reli Tours, the required documents for obtaining a Japanese visa are as follows:

  1. Philippine passport (which R didn’t even have his entire life until I made him get one!)
  2. Visa application form. This can be downloaded from the Japan embassy website (see link above).
  3. ID picture. On the application form it says either 45mm x 45mm or 2in x 2in. I remember getting both because I wasn’t sure, but in the end the travel agent used the 2×2 one, haha.
  4. Birth certificate. This is easily attainable from NSO.
  5. Marriage certificate if applicant is married. Also attainable from NSO.
  6. Daily schedule (taizai nitteihyo). More on this below!
  7. (if visiting friend) Documents or photos etc. to prove relationship. Not necessary.
  8. Invitation Letter from Guarantor in Japan. Also not necessary.
  9. Bank certificate. Attainable, obviously, from the bank (or banks) where you have account(s). Mine asked for a PhP200.00 fee for the document.
  10. Income Tax Return (Form 2316) original and photocopy. This is given annually by the company where you are employed. At least, mine did. If they don’t, you can ask your Human Resources or Finance department for this. Otherwise, I don’t know how, haha. I’ll find it out for myself the next time I’ll be applying for a Japanese visa, since I’m now unemployed.
  11. [ETA] Certificate of Employment. This is not part of the required list of documents, but I submitted one, anyway.


The visa processing fee is PhP1,200.00.

Now let’s focus on the Daily Schedule. If you’re thinking, ‘wtf? I actually have to write down what I’m going to do in Japan for every day I’m there?’ the answer is no, though of course that’s the idea.

ImageMy own (and R’s) daily schedule.
I didn’t even get to visit most of the places I listed here, haha sobs. Tip! You can only really visit two places thoroughly and enjoyably in a day. Or three. it depends on the weather (and your energy), really.

According to a good tip of my friend L, one does not necessarily have to state how many days one is going to stay in Japan. For example, my trip with R was for 10 days, from Kyoto to Tokyo to Osaka. However, L advised us to only write down our travel plans for about 3-5 days, focusing on just one location, preferably not Tokyo; the reason for this being that how much you write down in your daily schedule will be compared to the amount of money you have stated on your bank certificate. Tokyo is generally more expensive than other cities in Japan, so best not include that in your daily schedule.

The accommodation address I wrote down is the actual address of the hotel we stayed at in Osaka, though at the time we haven’t booked anything yet. I basically just searched for possible hotels in and copied an address, haha.

Going back to the visa application form, make sure you have every blank filled up (with N/A if you don’t have any information to provide). DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING BLANK! The embassy returned R’s application form because it had one blank. ONE blank. (It didn’t mean he was denied, though, thankfully!) It’s actually the agency’s job to double check all forms and documents, but make sure to check them yourself.

I remember I submitted my documents to Reli Tours on a Friday. I received word from them as soon as the following Tuesday that my passport was ready for pick up. Yay!! 😀

ImageHere it is in all its shining (it actually does shine) glory

The visa has a validity of 3 months for a period of 15 days. Why so stingy with visits, Japan. :c

I’m already looking forward to the next time I’ll be applying again for one of these. 😀

For more information about my trip to Japan, visit my Japan page for other posts!


108 thoughts on “How I got my Japanese Visa

  1. Im planning to travel solo in japan for 9 days this april, i was reading your blog and it’s very helpful. How much is your total travel cost? Hope you can blog about this too.

    • Hello! Thanks for reading! I’ll try to help haha. When are you going to Tokyo? Like I said in my post, you don’t have to write down the whole week of your trip. Write down maybe 5 days and put in about 2 places per day.

  2. Hi there! I’d like to ask how much money should one have in his/her bank account to get a visa now? Last time I heard, you should at least have 200,000 php, which I thought was too much. My bf will be supporting my trip (but I’ll have my own pocket money of course) and I’ll stay in their house, so I wonder if I still need that much in my account. Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Kate-san! 😀 I don’t really know how much money one should have in his/her account, but here are details from my own experience. Mine had 100,000PHP, more or less. I was in Japan for 10 days, but I only put down 5 days in my daily schedule. Personally, I think having more than 50,000PHP should be fine. Hope that helps!

    • Hi there! I just answered a similar question above yours, haha, so I’ll just copy-paste my answer XD

      I don’t really know how much money one should have in his/her account, but here are details from my own experience. Mine had 100,000PHP, more or less. I was in Japan for 10 days, but I only put down 5 days in my daily schedule. Personally, I think having more than 50,000PHP should be fine. Hope that helps!

  3. Hello illusorily. i have many questions regarding the tour. I hope you can answer me 🙂
    1. How much money should be on my Bank Certificate?
    2. How much is your annual/monthly salary and taxes paid to qualify?
    3. Can I just make the itinerary list “charot charot” o yung kahit di naman yun pupuntahan mo ililista lang?
    4. 100% sure kaya maga grant ng visa pag nasunod lahat ng requirements?

    • Hello!

      1) Copy-paste from my other replies, haha: “I don’t really know how much money one should have in his/her account, but here are details from my own experience. Mine had 100,000PHP, more or less. I was in Japan for 10 days, but I only put down 5 days in my daily schedule. Personally, I think having more than 50,000PHP should be fine. ”

      2) I don’t think this counts so much to be honest though I did submit a Certificate of Employment pero para lang makita nila na babalik ako ng bansa for sure kasi may permanent work ako, haha. Magpass ka na lang din ng CoE and of course ng ITR.

      3) In relation to no.1, yeees, very char-char lang yung itinerary ko haha, pati yung hotel, pero dun na rin kami nagbook sa hotel address na sinulat ko sa daily schedule. Yun nga, 10 days kami pero 5 days lang yung sinulat ko.

      4) Oo naman and depende yun sa travel agency na magpoprocess ng visa mo. Ok ako sa Reli Tours although may iba na ayaw dun. Pag na-deny ka kasi, reflection rin yun sa agency kasi ibig sabihin sila ang nagkulang kung bakit (if ever) madeny ang visa mo. Pag nakulangan naman sila sa documents na isasubmit mo, manghihingi pa ng ibang documents yung Japan Embassy mismo, through your agency.

      Hope that helped!

  4. very helpful post! I have yet to check out your other Japan posts but I have a question. I’m just assuming it was R’s first int’l flight since you mentioned he didn’t have a passport before. What else did he go through other than that one blank? What were the details of his requirements (only those that you can disclose, of course)? I’m just quite nervous because I thought first-timers have slimmer chances of getting a Japanese visa and it’ll be my first int’l flight as well this May. Please enlighten me on this d: thanks!

    • Hi Ara! Like you, we also assumed that first-time international travelers have slimmer chances, so what R did after getting his passport was to go on a short trip to Singapore, just to have that extra stamp on his passport. Other than that, his visa requirements were the same as mine (stated in this post). He suggests you do the same if you have the time. I think it’s also best to ask your chosen travel agency about this. 🙂

    • Hi Ivy! Ahaha good question, though it really depends on where your interests lie. If I had to rank the places I’ve been to:

      3) Tokyo
      2) Osaka
      1) KYOTOOOO

      I read in a comment above that you’re planning to go to Japan on April. I think viewing cherry blossoms would be best in Kyoto.

      To sum up each place:
      – Kyoto: temples, temples, temples, pretty templesssss, much nature, wow amaze, very old Japan
      – Tokyo: such people, omg really much people wow, lights lights lights!!1 Shopping shopping shopping, techie stuff, very gadgets
      – Osaka: even more shopping, eating eating eating much eating. Osaka is similar to Tokyo in feel but somehow more laid back.

      But to actually answer your question, yes, I think it’s okay to ditch Tokyo.

      • Hi there,
        Thank u so much for your inputs, ive been thinking a lot of this trip actually 🙂 Its just too bad there’ s no flight directly to Kyoto you have still have to start from Osaka coz i wanna see kyoto first 🙂

      • oh haha! i bet! did you take the bullet train for kyoto? did you have a tourist guide for osaka and kyoto?

      • Yes, we took the bullet train from Osaka to Kyoto because it was covered by the Japan Rail Pass we bought. As for tourist guide, no, we just looked up places on our own, though my sister recommends going on a guided night bus tour in Kyoto where dinner and Japanese shows (geisha, etc) are included.

      • We rode a non-promo fare flight of Cebu Pacific, haha. If you’re just going to be around Osaka-Kyoto, I would advise against buying a JR Pass. Please look at my post about JR Pass for more info; you can find it in my Japan page ^^

      • ooops sorry let me change that question since i already knoew the answers hehe! ( i read your blog) now my question is are all the temples/shrines close to each other?

      • Ay so last ko nakita tong comment na to, haha. No, hindi magkakatabi yung mga pinuntahan namin but they’re all very accessible via bus. All bus trips in Kyoto cost 220yen per ride.

      • i have read your anwer regarding your expenses gosh it really makes a difference if you do not get the package from a travel agency kc dun may nakita akong osaka-kyoto-japan 100k++ na yun hindi pa kasali mga pocket money mo .

      • hi.
        im planning to apply japan visa too to see my bf in japan
        but i dont have itr . kc minimum wages lng . just coe & approved leave
        but i can have 100k on my bank
        & 3days tours lng nmn if ever
        ma approved kya ?

      • Hi! If you don’t have an ITR, I suggest informing your chosen agency about this. Kasi pag may hindi ka maibigay na documents, may iba silang hihingin. Kung ano man yun, hindi ko rin alam hehe. Sorry I can’t be of more help about this!

  5. Hi kasama pla ung tokyo sa package hehe! But i didn’t like the tokyo itinerary kc mostly shopping district ung nka lagay dun 😦

    • Ah I see! Pwede na yung 100k++… kaso ilang araw yun? Ang masaya kasi dun, asikaso na lahat tapos malamang may hotel transfers din. Pero kung ikaw magpa-plan ng lahat, mas hawak mo time mo.

    • Hi ivy! When are you going to jp? Im also traveling solo for the first time. Im goin apr 11-20 this year. Maybe we can travel together if we have the same travel dates. Traveling solo is in my bucket list, but im a little scared though!

  6. Hello. I’m also planning to apply for tourist visa for Japan. I have all the requirements na except daily schedule. Should I book a flight and hotel reservation first (may flight number and hotel address kasi ung sample daily schedule)? Or pwede na magcheck lang ako ng flight numbers and hotel adresses online? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Jane! Para sa’kin, hindi necessary na may plane ticket and hotel reservation ka na before you apply for a visa. When I typed up my daily schedule, hindi ko naman nilagay yung flight number ko, although I did put down a random hotel address.

      On the other hand, kung may promo fare and may ticket ka na, pwede rin naman. Ganun kasi nangyari sa sister ko. She managed to book nung may promo and CebuPac. When it came to booking hotels, she made sure that the hotel she booked with ay pwedeng bawiin yung reservation if ever.

  7. Hello po. I’m planning to have a visit sa Tokyo on Feb 25th. ask ko lang if okay talaga na wag muna mag book ng flight and hotel? I’ll apply for the visa first. wala kaya magiging problem dun? Thanks in advance. 🙂

    • Hello! Okay lang po yun 🙂 Kasi kahit naman may hotel at ticket ka na, sabi ng agency na ginamit ko, hindi naman yun tinitingnan ng embassy. Ako talaga ganun muna ang ginawa ko, visa muna bago other bookings 🙂

  8. Hello po good evening , I just wanna ask po kung may interview po ba mag apply ng visa , mag aaply po kasi ko ng spouse visa sa reli tours po , wala po kasi akong idea eh . Salamat po 🙂

  9. Wow. Great blog you have here. Ive always wanted to got to Japan, but due budget constraints…well. 😦 Moving forward, I’m really planning to go this September (since CEB has a promo rin) I just hope the weather/climate in Japan around september won’t be that bad. Also, any tips for budget travellers here? Also, should 1 month allotment be fine regarding Visa Application and your desired travel date? (since valid lang sya ng 3 months…) 🙂 Thanks again!

    • Hello! Thanks for reading my blog 🙂 I think medyo maulan sa Japan around September, pero yung ate ko pumunta ng September, enjoy naman.

      re: budget tips… actually medyo hindi budget yung trip ko haha pero here are some:
      1) NEVER RIDE A CAB, mag-train at bus na lang
      2) buy water from supermarkets instead of convenience stores. Yun nga lang, mas malaki lagi bote sa supermarket. Yung tipong 1.5L ng tubig sa supermarket, kasing presyo ng 500mL na tubig sa convenience store.
      3) Mas mura sa business hotels/dormitory-type hotels
      4) Makakabili ka ng mura at complete meals sa convenience stores kung ayaw mo sa restaurants

      re: visa application, I think ok lang 1 month pero kung ako sayo medyo aagahan ko pa ng onti. 🙂 Hope my answers helped haha!

  10. Hi. My mom (unemployed) and I (student) are planning to visit Japan this may. first time po naming lumabas ng bansa, brother ko po ang susuporta sa trip namin. magkano po kaya needed na laman ng bank account para sure na di madeny ung visa po namin? maraming maraming salamat po 🙂

    • I don’t really know how much money one should have in his/her account, mine had 100,000PHP, more or less. I was in Japan for 10 days, but I only put down 5 days in my daily schedule. Personally, I think having more than 50,000PHP should be fine. Pero it’s best if you ask your chosen travel agency about this. Hope this helps!

  11. Hi! I’ve been planning to go with 2 of my friends to japan (3 of us!) . I was thinking to go stay there for 3 days and 2 nights. And want to visit Osaka and Kyoto. No package tour just us wandering around. Well 2 of us are freelancers and worry about the requirements. I am hopeful about going to this place (A dream T_T) but I’m a freelancer so I am not sure how will they take it.

    I worry about applying for VISA especially the part for ITR. I previously worked in a company before but that was 5-6 years ago. And I am currently happy doing freelance. If I don’t provide ITR is it a sure thing my VISA application will be denied?

    • Hi rachelle, my friend R was a freelancer the second time he visited Japan and he had no problems getting a visa. In fact, he was even granted a multiple-entry visa. But I don’t know if it’s possible to leave out the ITR in your visa application. It would be best to inquire about this with your chosen agency.

  12. wow!this is a great blog 🙂 My friend and I booked a Cebu Pac ticket going to Tokyo this November. Since it’s Piso fare, we grabbed the oppurtunity. Hopefully,maapprove ang VISA application namen. We will be travelling in Nov.14-Nov. 18,2014. Can you help us on which place to go during these travel dates. What I have in mind is to go to Disneyland and Mt. Fuji. Any itenerary that you can suggest? For sure it will help us a lot. 🙂 Thanks

    • Hi Mia, omg those are awesome travel dates, autumn season! For sure may red leaves na around that time. 🙂 I would suggest going on a day trip to Yokohama; it’s about 40 minutes from Tokyo by train. I also suggest going to the Meiji Jingu Shrine and going around Asakusa for a taste of ‘old Tokyo’.

    • Hi Jenice, I’m glad to hear you enjoyed your trip! I’ll definitely read your blog for details. Grabe na rin ang travel backlog ko haha, I should update. Thanks!

  13. Hi illusorily,

    I loved reading about your travel in Japan, plus the fact that you reply to queries regarding your trip.

    Just like to ask some questions regarding travel to Japan – I haven’t travelled abroad before so pardon some dumb questions:

    1. Is it really necessary to have been to other countries before applying for a Japanese Visa? Around the internet kasi, there are lots of advices na “don’t apply unless you have collected stamps on your passport”

    2. If ever I get a Visa, dilemma ko yung power supply, haha. How did you survive? Are there power regulators (from 100v to 220v) or jusy by power banks for your gadgets?

    3. Is the traffic for buses in Kyoto heavy? If ever kasi, I don’t want to lose time being stuck in traffic.

    Looking forward to your reply. Thank you.

    And to note, I am also a fan of K8 (one of the reasons why I’m eager to go to Osaka this winter, baka mataon na may concert sila). Kahit hindi na ako makanood basta makabili ng goods okay na. Haha

    • Hi Tish!

      1) Sa totoo lang hindi ko ma-verify ‘to hehe, kasi fear din namin yan ng bff ko when we traveled. He went to Singapore first before we went to Japan. Siya na ang mayaman LOL. Recently though ang sabi ay niluwagan na ang visa reqs to Japan, so hopefully wala namang effect yung wala ka pang napupuntahan. When you apply for a visa, ask your chosen travel agency about this to be sure 🙂

      2) Ahh haha naku ang strategy namin nun basta nasa hotel ay nakasaksak palagi ang gadgets. Same yung saksakan as sa Pinas pero generally 110V sila dito. Hindi ko actually inisip yung power kyeme haha saksak lang ako ng saksak XD

      3) Hindi naman particularly heavy sa pagkakatanda ko. May isang beses lang siguro mga 5-6PM medyo traffic, pero panalo pa rin traffic sa Pinas haha. Eto yung tipong saglit na traffic lang.

      Hindi naman katangahan mga tanong mo haha. AT YEHEI K8 FAN!!! Gusto ko rin manood ng concert this year!!! Actually nasa Japan ako at the moment shet kailangan ko mag-update ng blog na to haha. Member ka ba nung fan club or may kakilala ka ba? Kasi grabe mahal ng ticket pag di ka member huhu.

      • Yay, thank you for the reply!

        Good to know na wala akong problem when it comes to powering up gadgets and about the traffic. The set back: Japanese Visa is still my biggest hurdle, haha.

        If mag-offer si lolo Johnny ng tickets for international fans, papatak sya ng about P5000 – para ka lang nanood ng big shot sa Araneta in VIP. Haha, kahit once in my life makita ko sila ng live, super happy na ako nun…

        Wow, I hope you are enjoying your stay in Japan as much as the first one. Hope to see more of your pictures of Japan! Thank you ulit 🙂

      • Hay naku si Manong Johnny kasi ayaw pang i-tap ang potential ng international fans na makapag-rake-in ng mas madaming pera para sa kanyang korporasyon! Hahaha. Thank you! I hope makapunta ka ng Japan, masaya pramis 😀

  14. hi mag tatry sana ko mag tourist sa japan via visiting relatives kc andon cousin ko and sister kaso im jobless ano kya pwede lagay ko sa current profession ko

    • Hi po, sa totoo lang hindi ko alam kung anong helpful na sagot sa tanong mo pero usually pwede naman ilagay ‘freelance’. To be sure, please ask a certified travel agency regarding this. Good luck!

      • ask ko lang hiningan kc ako ng additional requirements ng japanese embassy malaki ba ang posibilidad na magrant visa ko

      • Pasensiya na pero hindi ko rin masasagot yan kasi hindi naman po ako taga-embassy 🙂 If you want to be assured, tanungin niyo na lang yung travel agency na pinag-apply-an niyo ng visa. Nung nag-apply ako before, lahat ng tanong kinukulit ko sa travel agency, sinasagot naman nila.

      • nadeliver ung passport ko now saya ko kc nagrant visa ko hehe 60 days lang nlgy ko pero naaprubahan ng 90 days tanx

  15. Hello! ask ko lang, diba you said sa article na wag ilagay ung whole duration ng stay dun sa schedule of stay. so, dun sa application form, ilang days lang ung nilagay mo na duration of stay? ung trip ko din kasi 10 days pero gusto ko lang manigurado. hehe. btw, meron na akong plane ticket. naka-avail ako ng RT promo ticket noon sa cebupac so 10 days talaga ung trip ko.

    • Hi Anna, actually hindi ko matandaan kung anong nilagay ko pero tingin ko 5 days lang din, haha. Mukha namang ewan kung magkaiba ng araw yung isusulat 😛 Baka nadeny pa ko nun. Kung may ticket ka na, sige sulat mo lang yung flight number dun sa form. Good luck!

  16. Hi! I’m currently making the Schedule of Stay for our planned trip in December. What contact numbers should I put if say we visit Tokyo Tower or Universal Studios. Right now, I’m not sure if we’ll be able to use of phone in PH… can we use the contact number of the establishment? What if we just want to tour around Gion or Mt. Fuji?

    Appreciate your help! :). Thanks for sharing these tips!

    • Hi jaepooh, wala kaming nilagay na contact number kasi wala naman kaming mobile phone number sa Japan that time (although naka-roaming kami nun). Ang nilagay ko lang na number is yung sa hotel namin. I think that’s sufficient enough. Kung ano yung nakalagay sa daily schedule sa post ko, yun lang talaga sinubmit ko. Wala namang sinabi yung agency na dagdagan ko hehe so tingin ko ok lang. Good luck!

      • Thanks! Na realize ko rin na COE is not required pero plan ko rin mag submit just to compliment my ITR. 🙂 Ni-revise ko na ang aming Schedule of Stay to reflect fewer sites, pero included pa rin ang Osaka and Kyoto, but less from Tokyo.

  17. Hi,

    Just want to know if it is better to buy a JR Pass if you are going from Tokyo-Kyoto-Nara? Are are there better, cheaper options?

    • Hello, sorry for the late reply! If your trip is Tokyo-Kyoto-Nara then going back to Tokyo, I think getting a JR Pass would be a good idea. Of course, it depends on how many days your trip will be. I personally think a 14-day JR Pass costs too much.

      Taking the overnight bus or train to Tokyo-Kyoto (and vice versa) would be cheaper than riding the bullet train. In addition, I recently discovered this low-cost airline ( which can also be another alternative. Hope this helps!

  18. Hi? Ask ko lng sana, nagfill up kasi ako ng daily schedule ko, tas naging 16days yung nalagay ko, na submit na yung docu ko sa embassy. nag wworry ako na baka ideny ako dahil lng sa daily schedule ko 😦 15 days lng dpat db ang japan visa? 😦 anu po sa tingin nyo? 😦

      • Hi Jijohn, wala ka naman ata dapat ipag-alala kasi rinig ko from other friends and acquaintances who have also applied for visas recently na granted yung kanila at multiple-entry for 60 or 90 days usually. Mas maluwag na ngayon as far as I know. 🙂 Tanong mo na lang din sa travel agency na sinubmitan mo. Dapat dino-double check nila yun and if they didn’t say anything, I think that’s okay!

  19. Hi Illusorily, thank you ha? nakuha ko na yung visa ko after 3 days hehe :D, question na lng sakin kung ganong kahigpit sa immigration : / , clarify ko lang haha sobrang higpit ba? thank you sa reply ulit 🙂

  20. Hello!! I’m planning to go to Japan by end Sept this year but I’ll only be staying for 3 days including air travel (kasi naka sked na yung leaves ko from work huhu). Manila to Tokyo via Cebupac. I know this post is about getting a visa but may I ask if you have suggestions sa places to visit? This will be the first time I’m travelling abroad din kasi. AAAND, is it possible to travel to Kyoto then back to Tokyo during my 3 day stay? Also, is 50k pocket money enough na (excluding airfare kasi naka book na)?

    Hope you reply soonest! Thanks!! This blog is really helpful ^_^

    • Hi Rye, if you’re going to be in Japan for only 3 days, I suggest focusing on where you are instead of going somewhere else. Kyoto is 8 hours via overnight bus and 3 hours via shinkansen away from Tokyo, so sayang yung hours kung pupunta ka pa dun in my opinion. There are a lot of things to do and see in Tokyo, depending on where your interests lie. Could you tell me a bit about them? ^^ Anime, manga, or more of culture? Museums? 50k pesos for 3 days is definitely more than enough in my opinion.

  21. hello, nabasa ko tong blog mo at marami akong nakuhang info, bibisita ako sa nanay ko sana makalusot ako kasi kinakabahan ako.mahigpit pa ba sila ngayon?

    • Hi kath, ang alam ko mas naging maluwag sila lately kasi parang ang dami kong nakikitang nagpupunta ng Japan, hehe. Basta give the requirements the agency will ask for and it should be okay. Good luck!

  22. hi! your blog is soo helpful…I also read the details you gave regarding the JR pass, sooo informative….be going to Japan with my family few months from now…just want to ask, if aside from the 1,200 visa fee, was there other pymts you made to Reli Tours?

  23. Hello. I simply want to comment aside from your blog being very informative; it’s very humorous too! Natatawa ‘ko! Hahaha 😀 I think, you’ll be a good travel buddy (c”,)

    • Hi Arvin, grabe after 10 years ang reply ko, sorry haha. Thanks so much for your comment! Naku tingin ko best friend ko lang makakatiis sakin kasi magulo ako sa gamit haha. Thanks again! 🙂

  24. Hi is this blog is still active? 🙂 Sa pag aapply po ng visa through your agency hindi na po ba need ng relative/friend na guarantor? Thankyou! 🙂 I hope you’ll reply ASAP 🙂

    • Hi tris, sorry for the late reply! You can apply on your own if you’ll only be applying for a tourist visa. If you have further questions, it would be best to ask your chosen travel agency.

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